How to Install

How to Reroll

Welcome to the Solo Leveling: Arise Reroll Guide! This guide will help you understand the best way to reroll your account aswell as determine which hunters/weapons you should aim for your reroll.

What is Rerolling ?

Rerolling allows you either to start the game with your preferred hunter or with hunters/weapons optimized to progress quickly at the beginning of the game. There are 2 types of rerolling in SLA, weapon rerolling for Sung or hunter rerolling.

It is important to note that the power difference between an SR weapon and an SSR weapon is very significant to avoid quickly encountering difficulties. The advantage of rerolling in Solo Leveling Arise compared to other games of the same type is that there is no need to redo the entire tutorial for rerolling. We will explain how to do it at the end of this guide.

How to reroll ?

Download the game and open it on your mobile. We made an article on How to Install the Game ?

Note that rerolling on mobile is significantly faster because the Guest System is not available on PC Client.

Upon launch, select 'Sign in as Guest' (not available on PC)

Sign in as Guest

Complete the tutorial which is ~30 minutes long.

Go to Settings -> Account and click on Redeem Code to get summoning resources with these codes:


Reward: 300 Essence Stones

Valid until: Ongoing

An article for all codes is available here : Solo Leveling Arise Codes

Now, i'ts time to get all the summoning resources that we can :

  • Story Mode : get all the rewards for each chapters cleared (you get a bonus if you clear all stars)
  • Achievement : claim all
  • Codex : claim all
  • Mailbox : claim all

You should have around 2000 Essences Stones and 15 Summon Tickets. Now go to the Draw page, you will learn how to setup your wishlist and what to target later.

Once you've done your pulls and if you're not happy with your pulls, go back to Settings -> Account and click on Reset Account :

Reset Account

Accept the warning messages. Once the game reload, select 'Login as a Guest'.

You will now be able to skip the tutorial to save 30 minutes so you can pull over and over to get the hunters and weapons that you want!

Skip tutorial

Next, we will see what are the best options that you have to get a great start!

What to aim for ?

So, here is the interesting but long process. You will use Essences Stones on the Rate-Up Banner and your Tickets on the Permanent Banner.

Rate-Up Banner

Always keep an eye on the different Tierlists to know if it's good or not to summon on the current Rate-Up Banner.

You have a higher chance to get the main Hunter on this banner.

Rate Up Banner

Permanent Banner

On the Permanent Banner or "Selection Draw", you can add 4 hunters or weapons to your wishlist so you will have a higher chance of obtaining them.

We will look on what you should consider placing there below.

Permanent Banner


Emma Laurent is a versatile unit, capable of supporting allies, disrupting enemies, and delivering substantial damage. Her skills, which all feature a break effect, make her particularly formidable in a variety of battle scenarios. Excelling as a premier fire DPS support, Emma boosts Fire Damage and Defense Penetration across her team and applies burns to adversaries. She proves invaluable in both routine gate farming and challenging boss fights, making her a worthy addition to any lineup.

Seo Jiwoo stands out for her excellent solo performance, maintaining prolonged field presence thanks to her skill resets. Her proficiency in breaking enemies and offering shields to her team establishes her as a top-tier unit. She is especially valuable in battles against bosses susceptible to guard breaks, making her a critical asset in such encounters.


Demonic Plum Flower Swordstands out as potentially the top weapon in the game, excelling in both AoE encounters and boss fights. It offers invincibility frames with Plum: Swift Flight and naturally enhances critical hits and damage. While it demands manual operation for optimal performance, the effort pays off substantially. The first and third duplicates significantly enhance its power, making it a must-have on any wishlist.

Thethis Grimoire Thethis' Grimoire is an essential tool for advancing in the game, offering a crucial escape mechanism by freezing enemies for four seconds. This ability is key for evading danger and buying time to reload other skills. It fits well as a secondary weapon in various scenarios. Enhancing its effectiveness, the first duplicate increases damage by 24% for 15 seconds upon using Water Spray. However, prioritizing this duplicate is less critical compared to others like Plum.

Orb of Avarice is one of the strongest SR weapon and some more options are viable that you can check on the Tierlist page but not as good as SSR weapons for now.